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Stop wasting time on irrelevant information, get to the point using the power of AI.



Narrow down just the information you need.
Let the AI do the work dor you.


Get the key highlights of any page in seconds.
And ask follow up questions.


Make complex concepts crystal clear.
Reduce complicated documents into simple terms.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is BLUF?

BLUF is an AI-powered web page assistant that provides concise answers, summaries, and explanations of web pages.

What browsers is BLUF available on?

BLUF is currently available on Chrome and Firefox. Other browsers are coming soon.

What counts as a prompt?

A prompt is any message you send to BLUF. This can either be a text based prompt or any summarize or explain requests. You can ask several questions within one message and it will only count as one prompt.
If BLUF fails to complete a request, it will not count as a prompt.

What does “words/page” mean?

“Words/page” refers to the maximum number of words that can be processed in a single page or document. If a page is too large you can always select a portion of the page and right click to focus BLUF on that smaller section.

Can I ask BLUF to summarize or explain a page instead of clicking the dedicated buttons?

While this is possible and it may work in some smaller pages, it is not recommended that you do this. The dedicated summarize and explain buttons are optimized to process large content, while the prompt system is not. For best results, use the dedicated buttons.

What data does BLUF collect?

BLUF collects usage data, but not the content of the prompts or answers. However, to complete the prompts BLUF does send the contents of your prompt to OpenAI which does not keep your data for longer than 30 days. For more information see their data retention policy.

How do I get in touch?

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, you can email us at